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Track & Reward Actions Wherever They Happen

Posted by Ali Akhtari on 2018 Dec 07

Playoff is an interactive platform that facilitates the process of designing gamified interfaces. Unlike the Octalysis framework which is a tool that helps you to outline gamified experiences, Playoff serves you during the implementation of those outlines and designing gamified user interfaces. According to Playoff creators, "A Game on Playoff is a system of processes, teams, metrics, and rules which come together to engage a player in an experience. Playoff takes care of all the hard stuff like tracking scores, team structures, player progress and maintaining real-time leaderboards."

Why Playoff?

It's Agile

Playoff is a highly flexible platform, and you won't have any problems in implementing your outlines in Playoff. You can define and design:

So you can tune your gamification strategy without writing a line of code. Even if you are not going to design an app or game, Playoff dashboard helps you to manage your gamified solutions and understand what is going on with them.

It's Handy

Using Playoff is a smooth experience. It doesn't confuse you, and you can learn it in just a few moments. Playoff Academy also teaches you how to use the platform. The intuitive interface helps you to understand the platform and the function of every option very quickly. Playoff has found a delicate balance between agility and handiness.

It's not About PBLs

Honestly, when I found the Playoff platform for the first time, I thought it would be all about PBLs and not deep gamification concepts such as game loops, desired actions, etc. But I was wrong. It's evident that Playoff creators understood the core concepts of gamification very well and used their knowledge to invent a gamification platform. Playoff allows you to design and manage deep gamification techniques. You can manage the 4 phases of the user's experience in the processes section. You can design and maintain flexible leaderboards, desired actions, metrics, and rules of your game, which, in my opinion, is fabulous! It's possible to use this platform to design and maintain the Octalysis Dashboard. The Octalysis Dashboard and Playoff create a killer combo.

Its Onboarding Phase is Super!

I do love interactive Onboarding phases, and the Onboarding phase of Playoff is remarkably engaging. It is one of the best Onboarding phases I've ever seen. Keep in mind that the Playoff's user interface is intuitive and many users will be able to use the platform without taking the tutorials. Playoff is not only a flexible and potent gamification engine, but it is also an impressive gamified experience, too.  Honestly, I think Playoff isn't only one of the most useful gamification tools, it's one of the most under-rated ones, too.

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