4 Ways To Improve Your Gamification Skills

Become a Better Gamification Designer

Posted by Ali Akhtari on 2018 Oct 12

The first step for becoming a gamification expert is to improve your gamification skills. The clients don't care about the books you've read about gamification or the different techniques and frameworks you've examined or even invented. They care about one thing: your ability to design engaging and useful gamified experiences. They care about your gamification skills. Remember that you can't improve your gamification skills only by reading. You have to use your knowledge about gamification to change something. Then you will hone your gamification skills. How can someone improve his gamification skills?

Gamify your life

Your life is full of opportunities for testing your gamification skills. If you want to gamify the world, you should first gamify your life. Pay enough attention, and you'll find many great opportunities for gamifying your life. Do you hate washing the dishes? Gamify it! Are you procrastinating too much? Gamify your tasks. Can't you spend enough time with your family? Design a gamified solution and motivate yourself to spend more time with the people you love. Remember that your solutions may not work at the first try. And this is the point. You should improve your gamified solutions, find their weaknesses, and hone your gamification skills.

Play Games

Want to become a writer? Read books. Want to become a movie director? Watch movies. Want to become a gamifier? Play games. Most of the gamification techniques and concepts come from games. Game designers have developed many useful concepts about human behavior throughout the years. And games are full of learning opportunities for gamification designers. Keep in mind that playing alone is not enough. You should examine the techniques, elements, and innovative ideas of the games. One day, they will help you to design a gamified solution.

Find Engaging Experiences

Gamification is not about games. Gamification is about the experiences. Your job as a gamification designer is to create engaging experiences for the users. And that is what the movie directors, acrobats, and writers are doing. So can't you improve your gamification skills by reading books, watching movies, or even going to the circus? You should have two essential things in your mind. First, watching, or reading, is not enough. Examine how the movie directors or writers engage their audience. Examine how they conquer your heart and mind. Then, you will learn useful lessons about gamification. Second, sometimes the task of movie directors, or writers, is to design an engaging experience for its own sake. But your job isn't only about creating experiences. The experiences you design should change the users' behavior

Find Successful Gamification Examples

Examining successful movies, games, and books will improve your gamification skills. Fortunately, successful gamification examples are increasing, and that gives you an excellent opportunity to examine gamification examples and find reliable gamification techniques and elements. You should first discover what makes the successful gamified solutions successful. What does make a difference between sterile and successful gamified solutions? This will improve your gamification skills and help you design strong gamified solutions.

Gamification Examples